Teacher: Devoni Wardlow
Email: dwardlow@lcisd.org
Wiki: http://projectlemonade.wikispaces.com/-Briscoe+JHS

Howdy! The Briscoe Junior High Eagles are located in Richmond, Texas about 30 miles southwest of Houston on the Brazos River. Our town is known as the place where "The Old 300" landed, the first American settlers in Texas back in the early 1800s. Our school is seven years old and has grades 6-8. We have a diverse population of Caucasion, Hispanic, and African-American students and a small but growing percentage of Asian students. I teach 7th and 8th grade students in Keyboarding, Critical Thinking (Creative Problem Solving for Gifted and Talented students), and Journalism. I plan to combine my Journalism (9 - 8th graders, 1 - 7th grader) and Critical Thinking (16 - 7th graders) classes for this project. My students have no idea what they are in for - but are curious about it and thrilled to be a part of it. - Mrs. Wardlow

Feb. 19, 2008
Mrs. Wardlow just returned from a 17 day trip to New Zealand and Australia so we're a little behind but will catch up soon. While she was over there she spent a wonderful day in Napier, New Zealand with the teacher for our Buddy Class, Ms. Hellyer from Taradale Intermediate School. Mrs. Wardlow and Ms. Hellyer called us via Skype while she was there and we had a "truths and lies" quiz about New Zealand culture and school customs. Our "mascots" Eddy Eagle and Kawakakea met and spent the day together, too. Mrs. Wardlow has shMrs._Wardlow_and_Ms._Hellyer.jpgowed us pictures from Napier so now we have a better idea of where our "buddies" live. Here are a few of the pictures:


March 10, 2008 - School Project
After much discussion and going through our five-step problem solving process, we are creating Public Service Announcements using Voki Robots in an effort to highlight and reduce various types of crime/infractions in our school. We considered creating a special edition of our school newspaper with crime-related editorials and opinion articles, but we decided our students would much rather watch robots than read. Plus, we're saving paper (1,500 copies, at least)! We will ask our teachers to show our robots to their students during their advisory classes.

Our School Project - Crimestopping Robots