Mrs. Ramzinski's Class!

Welcome to Laura Ingalls Wilder Intermediate School. We are 25 fifth grade students representing the 75 that go through our cluster of three teachers.
This is our bunch!

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You guys are ROCKIN' ideas on the discussion pages! I'm proud of you! Your ideas and thoughts on
the global project are awesome! Hopefully we can work with our buddy class on those ideas soon!

With Bonduel MS, we are the GREEN team - working together for our environment. Here is a link to our buddy page. The GREEN Team

Schertz, Texas Loves the Spurs!

We are experiencing nice, balmy weather compared to some of you!

Check out the time in Schertz, Texas!

Because our group is made up of students from 3 different teachers, and we certainly don't want you to miss can visit our websites at Mrs. Ramzinski's Class Page Mrs. Starcich's Class Page Mr. Cooper's Class Page

Good job Robby! Using his lemonade stand idea...his sister Nykia and neighbors had a garage sale, and they had a lemonade stand to help 2 different charities. They gave half of their earnings to St. Jude's Hospital and plan on buying stuffed animals to also give. The other half went to the Schertz Animal Shelter. They also took food, treats, and cat litter for the shelter. They are planning on saving up money to give to St. Jude's as well. WOO-HOO!

Are you a Wilder student that wants a shout out too? Let me know what you are doing! You guys are awesome!

thinking cap
thinking cap
NOW we need our thinking caps to join with our buddy class at Bonduel MS. We hope to hear from you guys soon! Check out our discussion tab to see what we're thinking of working on!

We met with the Mayor and City Council to present to them our work with Project Lemonade and asked them for their ideas on what community issue we should work on. Who better to ask than the people in charge of the city? This gave us another perspective to look at because as kids, we may see something completely different than the leaders of the city. We had several of our own ideas, but we thought getting other perspectives is always worth it! They gave us great suggestions, and others that were attending the meeting gave suggestions as well. Brad Bailey, the Director of Media Relations for the city, took pictures of our presentation. You can see them at:
Thank you Mr. Bailey!

We are focusing on service to our community. We want to help our community nursing homes and animal shelter.

We decided that we should help other people make lemonde from their lemons. Students were concerned that many of the people in nursing homes often go unvisited for long periods, and some don't have anyone to visit them. They are often only remembered at holidays, but what about every other time? It affects their self-esteem to not have many visitors or to not feel like part of their community. We plan on changing this. Our wonderful school librarian gave us the awesome idea of making blankets for our community nursing homes. Mrs. R. was a bit worried about a group of 25 fifth graders with needles trying to sew (not mentioning she's not so skilled at it either) luckily one of our kiddos had the great idea to make those cool blankets that you tie off instead of sew. WHEW! We will need a lot less band-aids for our venture.

We wanted for everyone in our cluster of 74 students to be involved in Project Lemonade somehow, so we decided to get all of the students in on making the blankets. Our 25 project representatives will be doing the delivery and providing other services such as reading, playing games, and anything else needed to build an ongoing relationship at the nursing homes to let them know someone cares about them more than just on holidays. We already made cards and sent them to a nursing home that is near to us. We have a report back from one of our students that visits there regularly, that the cards were loved and greatly appreciated. Wait until they see what else we have in store!

We also made a video for a community senior luncheon at the civic center. We made placemats for their lunch as well. We provided a little entertainment in our video, then asked them the question of what would they work on if they were working on a global project? We can't wait to hear their experienced responses. It will definitely give us a new perspective on how to tackle a global problem.

BUT...we've not stopped there. The other concern that was really bothering some of our students was the large amount of stray animals in our area. To help their lemons get a bit sweeter, we contacted the animal shelter and they told us they could really use leashes for the animals they have. They want to be able to send every animal that is adopted home with a leash so that it will hopefully cut down on strays in the area. We are holding a leash drive to get that accomplished. So far, we have collected a large number of leashes! YEAH!

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This is our introduction that we used at the first video conference. A great poem, made by great kids!
Our school is named for Laura Ingalls Wilder, who wrote the Little House books and more,
we're not sure what this project holds for us, or for what we are in store.
We are brave 5th graders in a 5th and 6th campus in a small town named Schertz in the Lone Star
we can't wait to tackle these projects and share different issues for debate.
We have learned from Alex's Lemonade Stand,
that even kids like us, at Wilder, can lend a helping hand.
So we say welcome to Project Lemonade,
where we hope many more Alex worthy ideas will be made.

Here are some interesting sites about our area. Click on a link and explore!