Kia Ora (Hello) from Taradale Intermediate School. We are a Middle School with 579 Year 7 and Year 8 Students. Room 18 is a Year 7 class and this is our first of two years at TIS.

Our Community Project BrainstormingMindomoExport.jpg----

From our brainstorming we decided that our community project should be:

  • To raise awareness of diabetes.
  • We would also like to raise money to go towards equipment for families that can not
    afford to buy their own.

We have chosen this area because our school has 6 diabetics (including 2 teachers) at our school.
One of our classmates is an insulin-dependent diabetic.

How will we organise ourselves for our community project?

Research Committee
Fundraising Community
Video Conference Committee
Will be responsible for the following things:
Will be responsible for the following things:
Will be responsible for the following things:
Finding out about diabetes
- local information
- needs to be interesting and in kid-speak

This information is going on the wiki

Contact person for our local diabetic society

Ideas of how we can raise money
- organise it - how will we do this?
- what is needed?
- is it realistic?
- is it doable?

Ideas on how to raise awareness
Ideas for 2 minute presentation
- what is needed?
- be creative
- what should be done?
- recommend vote


Timezones - who can make it?

Background picture? What should it be?

We had 20 minutes before we had to report back to the whole class. We needed to elect two people to speak to the class on our committee's behalf.
Research Committee: What ideas do you have for what should go on our wiki page? Convince us to say "Yes, you can do that on our behalf".
Fundraising Committee: What ideas do you have for fundraising? What would we need to do? Which one do you recommend we vote for and why?
Video Committee: After talking about those ideas for the 2 min presentation, what is needed or what should be done to do each thing? Which one do you recommend we vote to do and why?
This part was not very successful - here's our brainstorming for why

What Worked?
What Didn't?
  • no hitchhikers - everyone was responsible for doing a task
  • co-operation going on
  • one person at a time speaking
  • no put downs
  • knowing the what the task was helped
  • everyone sharing their ideas
  • going round the circle - being able to say "pass"
  • establishing some group rules helped us complete the task
  • RESPECT for one another helped heaps
  • sometimes people butted in before you were finished
  • voting tied sometimes
  • everyone talking at the same time
  • putting hands up didn't work
  • great ideas but everyone wanted to share at once
  • people weren't listening to each other
  • some people went off the subject
  • sometimes it felt like no one was really listening

We learned that once we established exactly what our task was (what we need to do and why), and established simple group rules (how we are going to do this), things worked much better. Below are all our ideas that we managed to organise and put together to present to you.

Research Committee
Fundraising Committee
Video Committee
  • Interview Mrs H (Pastoral Care)
  • Powerpoint (Raise public awareness)
  • Research Websites
- information about diabetes
- types of diabetes
  • Statistics of diabetes (in NZ, in Taradale)
  • Video, photoshoot, of our classmate testing his insulin levels - make into a VoiceThread?
  • Dog Wash
  • Donation Box
  • Honesty Box
  • Picking Fruit
  • Busking
  • Jewellery Sale
  • Movie Theatre
  • Selling photos of Kawekakea
  • Car Wash
  • Sell Juice
  • Bake Sale
  • Gold Coin Donation
  • Raffle
  • Song
  • Rap
  • Fairytale
  • Interview Panel (like the News Team)

What is Diabetes?

We used the Diabetes New Zealand website for most of our research. We also asked questions and interviewed some of the diabetics in our school. One of those interviews will be posted below.

external image 20080323-qg5wpe54k9f8kx8rirq1qjrrux.jpg

We now know that there are actually about 50 different types of diabetes!

Last Wednesday, Dr Janet Titchener from the Hawkes Bay Hospital came to our class and spoke to us for almost an hour about diabetes. She is one of Hawke's Bay's expert doctors on diagnosing and treating diabetes. We learned a lot from Dr Janet. She told us some things that have only just been found out about diabetes. You can find out more about what we learnt on the last slide of our voicethread below.

Living with Diabetes

Interview with Mrs H (Pastoral Care)

(interview podcast to come ......)

Fundraising Update

We held our carwash on Saturday 15 March. We would like to say a huge thank you to Harcourts, Taradale, for allowing us to use their carpark. It was a very successful morning of wet work and we raised a grand total of .................