Rubrics and Timelines

- This is a sample teacher plan!
- Communities Timeline
- Student Pre and Post Assessment
- Student Pre and Post Assessment
- Teacher Post Assessment for students

Web Resources

Staff Page for Project Lemonade

Working On A Wiki- This is a wiki How-to site. It will walk you through setting up student accounts. (You will need to have your students sign in to the project lemonade wiki).

Intel Visual Ranking- Great tool for ranking items and having a class discussion. Set each student up as a user.

Blog Resources- set up your class with their own blogs! It's safe and easy to do- all free! You can monitor everything that comes and goes!

Wiki Widgets- Copy the widget code where it says "embed", and paste it to your wikipage . Click on the TV icon above and paste it in there

Skype- download this free software and videoconference with anyone in the world- for free! Warning: Some schools block skype!

Yousendit - This is a tool to transfer large files (such as quicktimes) up to 2 GIG's. Free and easy to join. We'll use this for the project sharing!

Zamzar - Use this FREE resource to upload video files (less than 100MB) and convert to all kinds of formats. It will then give you a link so that you can download the converted copy. If you are going to convert a video for us, make sure that it is .avi, and send it to

Reading Materials


Who Moved My Cheese
- A wonderful children's book that discusses the need for and why change is so important for each individual. It also talks to how individual choice leads students to positive and negative consequences.