Welcome to my page!
Hi i'm Allysia I go to North Daviess Elementary.My favorite color's are, Green,
Black,and Pink. I Love cherleading, vollyball, and all kind's of other sports. I don't like Basketball, or softball. The reason is because i'm really bad at it. I'm in the 5th grade in Mrs.Lewis class. I have blonde hair, brown eyes, I have glasses, but i'm getting contacts soon. My favorite animal is a frog. My friends are Savanna,Randi,Mattie, Taylor, Brooke, and many more.
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Hey it’s Allysia again and I would like to tell you what my class is doing for project lemonade. We are sending things to cheer up kids that are sick. It will also give them something to do while they are waiting for their treatments. I I’m bringing in hats for people with cancer that way they will have something to wear over their heads when they lost their hair.

If you liked my page, check out my school’s page. Just go to North Daviess on the side panel or go to search and type in North Daviess and you should find it there.