Hi, I'm Zak M. and my partner is Orion R. When our class came up with this idea, we weren't all for it. We really didn't believe in it. So, we teamed up to show why we didn't believe. But then, as we learned more about it, we started to listen, and really open our eyes. As we listened, we heard a lot of opinions. As we watched, some of the reasons started to make sense. So, this video went from a "we don't believe in Global Warming' to 'we DO believe in Global Warming'. If we can change our opinion in a matter of 3-4-5 days, you can at least watch the below powerpoint, and maybe you too will end up like us.

Here are some ideas on how you can help your enviornment or town:

*Switch to florescent lightbulbs
*Don't litter/pick up litter
*Turn off lights in un used rooms
*Plant trees/don't cut down trees
*Walk if you can/carpool if absolutely needed
*Raise money for your town/school/family/etc. to plant trees
*Ask your town or city if they offer different sources for energy, like wind, hydro, solar, or bio power