Project Updates

(posted 12.30.07)

One Note:
Don't worry about being prepared for the first videoconference. We will introduce it and "kick it off". It will be a good idea to talk to your students about it and get them excited. Just relax! Some of you have not still made a connection for the videoconference. Please stay on top of your technician to do so!!

(posted 12.30.07)

Everyone should have their class wiki page started before our first videoconference on January 16th. Remember, you need to get your students creating! Refer to the HELP section at
It has video on it as well! If you need more help, please contact Tom McGee!

If you don't see your class on the left navigation, feel free to add it!

(posted 11.12.07)

Alice Nelson, your email is "kicking back" to me.
I think you missed your school district in there somewhere. Please contact me so that we can straighten this out!

(posted 11.12.07)

If you haven't done so, please join the Who's Who Page that was sent to you via email. Tell us about yourslef and your school! So far we have 5! You will receive info on testing your equipment in the next day or so. Stay tuned!!

(posted 11.04.07)

There have been questions asked about dates for the project videoconferences. This will be discussed at the webinar. We will record the webinar for anyone who cannot make it and post it. The webinar is to give you more ideas about the project. This project might not be for some. As soon as we lock in the schools, especially internationally, we will post the dates and times. We understand that planning must occur and thank you for your flexibility. It might not be possible for everyone to make every videoconference, and we might hold one or two videoconferences after school hours in order to accommodate all involved in the project.

(posted 10.30.07)


Wow! We have had quite a number of responses to the project. Flexibility is the key here, so we will hold a webinar to answer any of your questions!

We will hold a webinar on Tuesday November 6th at 4:00 EST for anyone interested in the project! This is a FREE webinar. We will post a link on the font of the wiki for you to join in the webinar 2 hours prior. All you need is an Internet connection!